Why Your SEO Efforts Must Consider User Intent!

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Why Your SEO Efforts Must Consider User Intent!

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Search engine optimization has become more complicated and focused over the past few years, with user intent taking a front seat in developing the best campaigns. As Google’s search algorithms have become more user focused, SEO experts must be aware of that and better understand their target audiences. One of the best ways for SEO marketing services to do that is by determining user intent.

Search Now User Oriented

Google’s main focus in the past few years has been on delivering relevant search results while providing user-friendly experience. This is being increasingly accomplished by doing more in-depth research into target audiences to figure out what they want and how they are likely to search for it.

By understanding certain psychological ideas that relate to how people search, Google is now able to determine user intent. To take advantage of this, SEO experts need to develop searchable content that serves user intent as well.

User Persona

User or customer personas identify an individual based on their online browsing and searching habits as well as other gathered information. Customer personas are developed by incorporating analytical and other data gathered from users to deliver a better picture of their problems and how they can be solved.

SEO marketing services geared around developing and recognizing customer personas can easily identify and cater to a user’s intent when making online queries in order to provide the most relevant and personalized content. With an understanding of the user’s customer persona, it is easier to align useful content and direct marketing efforts accordingly.

Audience Intent

What a user is seeking is the first consideration that must be answered when developing successful marketing campaigns that consider user intent. Search queries indicate that a user needs something and each query can be interpreted in different ways. Content must then reflect the different ways users may search for their topic and be searchable in the most relevant ways.

User Intent and Keyword Use

Keywords are every bit as important today as they have always been, but their use has changed considerably in recent years. To develop valid user-focused marketing campaigns, SEO experts need to research keywords in terms of broad topics, specific concepts, and individual, focused ideas.

Semantic keyword search plays a large part in this. Topics answer the broad question of what users are searching for, while concepts identify the more focused ideas within the topic and become the base of semantic search. Individual keywords are a variable within the concepts that help guide both search concepts and topics.

When used to guide SEO marketing services, all three collectively serve to address user needs by identifying different possible intent. Used appropriately within content, semantic keywords are instrumental in providing relevant content that answers queries made by different user personas.

As search has become more user oriented, creating good searchable content that is user oriented has become a priority. One of the many ways that SEO experts can achieve this is by focusing on understanding and predicting user intent. With a good understanding of their audience’s search intent, SEO marketing services can ensure that content is searchable in the right ways to serve those needs!

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