What Your Competitors Use To Get Top SEO Marketing Results!

What Your Competitors Use To Get Top SEO Marketing Results!

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SEO marketing has become very competitive over the last few years as more businesses try harder to reach and maintain rank at the top of the SERPs. If you are not at the top of the page or on the first page at all, you definitely need some SEO help. Start out the way the SEO experts do and determine how the competition is doing so well. You might learn a few things that can boost your rank.

Who Are Your Competitors?

Before you can determine how your competitors are doing with their SEO marketing, you must first identify your competitors. Taking industry and location into consideration, make a list of 5 to 10 companies in competition with yours and research their practices. Search keywords, products, and services on Google and business directories to identify your main competitors, then study them.

Identify Competing Keywords

Once you know your competition is, SEO experts suggest researching the keywords you are both using. One easy and quick way to do this is by using Google’s Keyword Planner tool, which is one of the many free SEO help tools offered to online marketers. It will provide you with some very useful information including competing long and short-tailed keywords, level of competition, number of uses, and much more.

Research Competitor Content and Promotions

Go to your competitor’s website and social media pages to get an idea of the type of content they post, how often they post it, and which social media sites they post to. Take note of how they use images, infographics, and video; see if they are using other social media features like Facebook Live.

Observe the way they interact with their audiences on their website and what kind of feedback they are receiving from audiences. This should help give you an idea of how your competitors are handling the content and social promotion portion of their SEO marketing campaigns.

Website Experience

While visiting competitor websites, use the many functions they offer and take note of any unique functions that add to a positive user experience. View the websites on multiple devices and see how they function on each. Sometimes the most simple SEO help comes by learning the best ways to improve website use and customer experiences.

Backlink Strategies

Who are your competitor’s high authority backlinks? Do they compare with yours? Look into backlinking strategies and use the information you gather to create your own. The more authoritative, relevant, and important your backlinks, the more your pages will benefit.

Lead Generation

To understand how your competitors are getting conversions, it is important to determine how they are generating leads. Are they using landing pages and other lead magnets? Are they giving something away and if so, what? If you can learn what the customers are reacting to, you can do something similar to bring in leads from that same audience.

Local Optimization

SEO experts stress the importance of local SEO and researching how your competitors are handling it, which is another critical factor in obtaining great pagerank. Look for their directory page and map listing. See how much they are using those pages; how they are interacting with their audiences; and the way they have standardized their address and other identifying information.

SEO marketing becomes more challenging every day. Although there are many different techniques used by SEO experts, not all of them will provide the SEO help your site needs. Learn which techniques are working for your competitors by snooping around a bit to see what they are doing. Then use this information to increase your competitiveness and improve your pagerank!

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