What Will SEO Services Be Like in 100 Years?

What Will SEO Services Be Like in 100 Years?

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The internet changes in leaps and bounds, with SEO marketing changing along with it. SEO services are very different today than they were just five years ago. At this rate, what will online marketing be like in the future and what kind of SEO help will businesses require?

Considering the direction SEO has been moving in the past decade, it is quite possible these predictions could suggest the direction it will continue to go.

Even Smarter Search

As Google’s algorithms improve, searches are becoming more defined for users, yet more complex for those providing SEO services. Based on what is known about Google's current direction, predictions are that local searches will become more important as will reaching a higher pagerank. As people move to mobile devices and devices like watches, glasses, and more get smaller, SERPs past the first few listings may become irrelevant.

From the user side, another prediction is that RankBrain will continue to develop, with Artificial Intelligence (AI) becoming a significant part of the search process. Google’s algorithms are beginning to learn from user activity when selecting appropriate search results. As the use of AI for search grows, audience research will become a critical part of successful SEO marketing to reach users according to their search habits.

Social Media Dominance

The expansive growth of social media has changed SEO marketing and the type of SEO help that businesses need in the past decade. As social media continues to rise as an overall media platform offering news, live broadcasting, advertising and other services, it could replace many other media sources.

Social media will provide so much information about individual users that current methods of filtering audiences by demographics will be unnecessary in many cases.

Virtual UX

As searching continues to evolve and become smarter, so will user experience (UX) as SEO services battle for top positions in the SERPs. Google has prioritized UX as one of the main factors considered by its algorithms. Considering the many possibilities for improving UX that are within reach, this importance will likely grow.

Virtual reality, augmented reality, and 360 content that immerses the user into the website environment will become the norm, an important part of SEO help for brand building and user influence.

AMP and Mobile-First

With so much focus on improving the user experience, it is also likely that AMPs will become an actual requirement for mobile-first indexing and earning top pagerank. Currently, AMPs are helpful, yet not yet a factor used to rank pages. It only makes sense that Google will change this as more SEO services embrace AMPs and methods to improve mobile-first indexing.

Just as it is impossible to know if we will be moving around in flying cars in a century, it is also impossible to know exactly what SEO marketing will be like. Considering past growth and the direction that SEO services are moving today to keep up with Google, some good predictions can be made.

Today, tomorrow, and into the future, successful SEO help will come from services that are staying informed and continually creating new strategies to keep up with Google’s endless evolution!

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