What Is The Most Important Anchor Text For SEO?

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What Is The Most Important Anchor Text For SEO?

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Today’s SEO specialists know that internal linking plays an important role in generating great optimization and page rank. Equally important is the anchor text used to make those links. There are a number of effective choices that SEO marketing services can make when deciding on anchor text within content; however, there is one option that is more effective than all the others. When building internal links within website content, it is important to use the most effective anchor text there is - the page, post, or article title.

Understanding Anchor Text and Internal Links

Before attempting to create internal website links and choose appropriate anchor text, it is essential that all SEO specialists understand the purpose of these links and text. Internal links do two very important things: they increase site traffic to additional pages and assist site crawling, which in turn speeds up indexing. In both instances, the anchor text should be chosen based on its searchability, its relevance to the content, and its ability to get the user to click the link.

Different Types of Anchor Text

The anchor text that is most frequently used by SEO marketing services is main targeted keywords. Besides these keywords, there are other commonly used options depending on the type of content and where it links. Such options include brand names, brand names combined with keywords, keyword phrases that contain additional text, website names, website or web page URLs, homepage URLs, those URLs with and without the www, and images.

In addition, many websites use the exact title of a blog post or article as the anchor text when linking to that page. Among all of these choices, research on successful ranking websites suggests that this last option - using the page or post title as the anchor text - is the most effective.

Page and Post Titles Make Important Anchor Text

SEO specialists that have created some of the best ranking websites know that of all effective choices for anchor text, the one that offers the most benefit is the page or post title. Used within the context of another blog post or article, the complete title of the post being referred to is both natural and effective. It alerts readers to what they should expect to find by clicking that link and increases the searchability of that page.

Additionally, carefully written and well-optimized article and blog titles are commonly used as meta description text, further adding to searchability. Combined, this makes it one of the strongest types of anchor text for SEO marketing services to use within the copy on any web page.

While the page or post title is not the only anchor text that matters, use of this text as an anchor for internal website links is something that effective and high-ranking websites seem to have in common. Based on this idea, it is a technique that SEO specialists should consider adding to their little bag of optimization tricks for creating effective internal page links. Used in conjunction with a few other well-anchored links, SEO marketing services can take advantage of the trial and error of others to determine how linked page and post titles are the most important anchors to include on any website!

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