Understanding The SEO Shift From Marketing to Technical!

Understanding The SEO Shift From Marketing to Technical!

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If there is one thing that all search engine marketing companies can agree on, it is the fact that search engine optimization is getting more complex every year. This is especially the case considering the rise of Artificial Intelligence  or AI, which has been changing search in some unexpected ways.

To keep up, search engine marketing experts need to know about the changes that have occurred due to AI and how to work with newer technologies.

SEO Has Been Somewhat Predictable - Until Now

Until recently, search engine marketing was mostly predictable, even if developing the best strategies has been challenging in many cases.

With an understanding developed over many  years of how search engine optimization work as well as following the slow progression of algorithm updates, marketers have been able to fine-tune their processes to keep up with Google.

Unfortunately, all of this is changing dramatically as Google continues to incorporate AI into its search algorithms.

Previously, every time there was an algorithm update, there were also many communications from Google discussing the updates and offering search engine marketing companies important tips on how to best optimize for great results. This was all based on what changes were made to the algorithm and what effects could be expected.

It now seems that the further into AI development that Google goes, the less transparent the company has been regarding its workings and how to keep ranking.

AI - New Untamed Challenges in SEO Marketing

Until he went on leave in 2014 and formally resigned in 2016, Google developer Matt Cutts would explain in lengthy detail the workings of the Google algorithm changes and how to use those changes for best SEO results. With Cutts departure and his position being eliminated, there is almost no information available as to how Google’s AI works.

This recent lack of transparency over what is happening and how it will affect SEO marketing is leaving many search engine marketing experts wondering  whether the developers at Google even know how their AI algorithms actually work.

As this change has slowly taken place over the past few years, PPC advertising has increased exponentially, even to the point where it now accounts for 90% of Google’s income. This has left many people questioning if AI has brought about an intentional change to reduce transparency or if all of this is simply something the developers do not understand and cannot explain to SEOs.

The only thing that search engine marketing companies do know is that many of their previous strategies are losing effectiveness and there is not much talk about how to regain it.

Bringing It All Back Under Control

With search engine optimization becoming more complex since the rise of AI, some developers have taken things into their own hands to develop new ways to track emerging AI technologies and make sense out of them.

By using AI models like particle swarm optimization, genetic algorithms, and other approaches, advanced developers skilled in SEO are finding ways to mimic what RankBrain is trying to do in creating a more intelligent search algorithm that thinks like the user.

While all of this is very different from traditional SEO and introduces a side of technology that most SEMs don't know, there are some pluses to these new developments.

Apparently, there are hopes that modeling technology can be used to identify Google's logarithm changes and give SEOs the ability to compare results before-update and after-update results in whichever metrics are found to be affected. Using these and other emerging ideas, developers are trying to come up with new ways that SEMs can stay on top of their marketing strategies.

What does this mean for search engine marketing today and SEMs must adjust their processes to generate useful search engine optimization? Really, it is anyone’s guess at this point. All the rest of us can do right now is wait, watch, and pay attention to any new search engine technologies being developed by outside search engine marketing companies trying to decipher RankBrain to understand how to optimize for it!

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