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Effective internet marketing has become much more than just SEO. To get the best page rank today, marketing services need to create websites that are user-friendly and provide great value to the user more so than any optimization techniques. With search algorithms becoming more complex each day, those who work in web marketing are facing bigger challenges than ever before.

Those working for website marketing agencies need the skills necessary to do much more than simply interpret analytics reports and plan advertising budgets. As ecommerce heads into a new year, all internet specialists must consider the following important skills and how they apply to effective marketing.

Analytical and Research Skills

One of the primary jobs of all website marketing gurus is to analyze current site performance in order to determine how it can be improved. By using both available analytical tools and the right research, web services must be able to interpret how current methods are working and which methods must be changed. Research regarding keywords, audiences, influencers, and even more has become a critical step in making the right planning decisions based on the results shown by the analytics.

  • SEO and Optimization Skills - Second to analytical skills, marketers must also have great SEO skills and an excellent understanding of how to create the best optimization. As SEO continues to change, it is still one of the main elements in effective web marketing to achieve a site with a good page rank.
  • Writing and Creative Skills - As website marketing has become more complex, it is important to know the value of quality writing and to see the same creative picture as everyone else. Writing skills and creativity are essential for content creation as well as for planning effective advertising. The main creative duty lies with the designers; however, website specialists must also possess the ability to write correctly and creatively to achieve efficient and effective web marketing services.
  • Basic HTML and CSS Coding Skills - Since marketers technically deal with both the production and optimization sides of a project, basic HTML and CSS skills are a must. It is more effective when all hands have the ability to go into the site to make any necessary corrections or minor modifications without kicking a project back to the designers each time. This ability keeps the workflow moving, allowing website marketing agencies to stay productive.
  • Content Marketing Skills - Google continues to increase the value of quality and optimized content. In response to this, content marketing has grown in importance over the past year. This make it essential that specialists understand not only the optimization and advertising part of this process, but also the content creation portion and how they combine. Effective content creation and optimization are now critical tools that improve site value, which in turn improves SEO returns.
  • Automation Tool Skills - The list of responsibilities that every web specialist deals with is getting longer every day. To keep these tasks from being too much to handle, there are a number of popular and useful automation tools available to reduce the list. It is essential for skilled marketers to be proficient with the automation tools used by an agency in order to simplify the workload wherever possible.

Website marketing agencies must have more than just basic SEO skills; website marketing must offer more detailed and comprehensive services than ever before to continually keep up with Google’s algorithm changes. As these changes create a shift in internet marketing requirements, those working for today’s web marketing services must have the additional skills to fill those needs!

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