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The Exciting Future of SEO And Content!

SEO in College Station Texas

SEO marketing continues to change in leaps and bounds as Google continues to adjust its search algorithms. While there are some elements of SEO that will always remain, such as keywords and the need for relevant content, Google has taught SEO experts that there is a lot more to it than only those things. As Google fine tunes the way it interprets user need and ranks websites, marketers must stay on top of newer methods and the direction that website optimization is currently moving.

Real Time Spam Fighting and Website Penalties

With the integration of current updates to Google’s Penguin algorithm and Panda into the main search algorithm, website quality and value is more important than ever. Google’s search algorithm now can remove spammy pages or other poor quality websites almost immediately after each new crawl. This has stepped up the fight against poor quality content. To stay ranked, SEO experts must ensure their websites offer high quality and relevant content that is valuable to the user. SEO and content creation are closer to being one integrated unit than ever before.

Google’s RankBrain Algorithm

RankBrain has become a major addition to Google’s algorithm technology, one that must be understood in marketing efforts. Even though Google does admit to not completely understand how it works, it has become essential that SEO marketers learn about it and what it can do. RankBrain assists algorithms in interpreting and matching queries better to deliver more relevant content to the user. Considering this, there is great emphasis on optimizing websites for search and RankBrain.

Accelerated Mobile Pages

Google has started to emphasize the use of accelerated mobile pages (AMPs), which is yet another way of improving user experience. These lighter, faster-loading static pages are already being integrated into organic mobile search results. This means that websites must now be SEO optimized for existing mobile-friendly websites and also for AMPs. SEO marketing must address this with the addition of AMPs to mobile sites to improve mobile search optimization.

Google’s Knowledge Graph

In the last few years, Google has put much more emphasis on its knowledge graph and offering quality and relevant answers to queries as one of its main results for inquiries. The information presented within the knowledge graph box is generated by analyzing quality websites for answers. SEO experts need to understand where Google looks for its knowledge graph information, then learn how to optimize that information to a client's advantage.

As most SEO experts have realized, future SEO revolves less around basic techniques and more around those that fine tune search and deliver the user-friendliest content. Google now has the ability to interpret content to better deliver it to the right users. While the basics will always be an essential part of all SEO marketing, this information from Google indicates that content marketing and SEO are more tightly integrated than ever before!

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