The Best Ways To Be Sure Your Posts Attract Traffic!

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The Best Ways To Be Sure Your Posts Attract Traffic!

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Generally speaking, the association between page rank and site traffic is pretty black and white when it comes to internet marketing. Page rank typically comes from site traffic, among other website qualities, while site traffic is a result of page rank. They normally work together like that; occasionally, internet marketing services may find the odd situation where traffic does not increase with page rank.

When a page ranks but people are not actually visiting it, the entire purpose of having the site is defeated. So what is the problem? It could be one of the issues mentioned below.

Search Description Is Not Effective

Every web page can be set up with a meta description or snippet that explains about that page. To be most effective for successful internet marketing, these descriptions need to be optimized and include text that is most likely to attract the right audience. If the description does not immediately answer the user’s question as to whether they will find what they are seeking, most people will not click on the link. So the meta description needs to include keywords and relevant text that focus on the page and website topic.

Getting the description right can be challenging and often takes some trial and error. Internet marketing services can compare this with competitor websites to get ideas on ways to improve search descriptions and experiment until an increase in traffic is noted.  

Keywords Are Too Specific

Although it is more common for marketers to deal with keywords that are too broad, occasionally more focused keywords can also be problematic. Broad keywords typically result in a reduction of page rank and traffic due to the high amount of competition also trying to rank for them. Yet when a term is so specific that the audience searching for it is very small, this also results in reduced traffic. Long-tailed keywords have become an important part of successful internet marketing as they help define a page; however, there are times when they backfire. For niche sites or highly specific search terms, marketers should consider going to a broader, well-researched keyword to increase site traffic.

Search Terms Are Navigational

In addition to keywords and search terms being too specific, many times websites suffer negative effects when the search terms are actually navigational. Such search terms point users toward specific topics or websites in general, rather than the content on the various pages generated by those search terms. In other words, a term that is the name of a website or product that also happens to be a keyword on other pages may rank high topically; pages that do not direct to those specific sites may be of no interest to the searcher. Internet marketing services must determine if keywords on their low-traffic pages are common search terms used to find other sites and if so, change them.

It can be puzzling when a page ranks but traffic is not coming in; it can reduce the effectiveness of internet marketing efforts. The three most common reasons why this happens are all basically a result of internet marketing services doing everything right to get good rank, then losing the searcher at the last minute when they realize that page will not give them what they are seeking. With some adjustment to keywords and improvements in meta descriptions, website traffic can be increased and resume the normal cycle between page rank and site traffic to gain the benefits of both!

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