Social Media Call Tracking Can Substantiate Your Budget Cost!

Social Media Call Tracking Can Substantiate Your Budget Cost!

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Social media has become a critical element in effective website merchandising. Yet social media marketing often faces a significant challenge when trying to determining whether money spent on this type of advertising is actually paying off. One way for marketers to determine if their budgets are being wisely spent is by using call tracking. Call tracking gives a more accurate picture of marketing effectiveness than simply relying on likes and shares and is easy to implement into any social media services.

More to Social Media than Likes and Shares

At first, the goal of using social media was to get the most likes and shares, which equated to more exposure and brand recognition. Today, with social media marketing such an important part of total SEO services, it is necessary to go beyond exposure and track whether social presence, as well as any paid advertising using these platforms, is actually working. This is difficult to track in terms of likes and shares alone since the majority of these acknowledgments do not necessarily result in a sale. Likes, shares, and wider exposure are still important; however, marketing is also important to specific target audiences and then track the results.

Why Identifying Call Sources Matters

One of the best ways for marketers to track their campaign effectiveness is by using click to call numbers. Based on today’s increasingly mobile audiences, click to call has become a relevant means of putting buyers in touch with sellers, resulting in a higher ROI than many other types of mobile marketing. When this type of merchandising is implemented into advertising campaigns on various sites, it gives social media marketing specialists a more reliable way to see how each campaign is performing and whether the resulting ROI warrants continuing a particular campaign.

Call Tracking Makes It Easier

Each campaign that is being used on various social sites may be targeted to different audiences. Therefore, it is essential that social media services have a reliable way to determine which campaigns are generating calls and which are not. This provides important information about the various targeted audiences and allows marketers to plan their advertising budgets more carefully. This can put more resources into campaigns that are getting the best results and allow for necessary changes to those that are not. Simply stated, for any campaign to be effective, ROI must be determinable. Call tracking by using individual incoming numbers for different social campaigns makes this possible. It also provides an important way for marketers to test specific campaigns with certain audiences.

The effectiveness of social media marketing can be difficult to measure. While the increased exposure and traffic that comes with likes and shares are an important part of a company’s online presence, advertising campaign performance is a critical factor that needs to be monitored. By using click to call phone numbers, social media services can most easily track how their social media campaigns are doing and what kind of ROI they are getting. As with any other type of marketing, important decisions pertaining to future campaigns can then be addressed with accurate information about the current ones!

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