Should I Use Adwords Or Rely On Organic SEO For Marketing?

Should I Use Adwords Or Rely On Organic SEO For Marketing?

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The goal of all marketing is to see your website rise to the top of the ranking pages where it has the most exposure to target audiences. There are two ways you can achieve this:  with paid advertising like AdWords and other PPC services and through SEO marketing that produces organic results.

Should you rely on one over the other? The answer to that question involves understanding the pros and cons of each choice.

How AdWords Works

AdWords is one of Google’s paid advertising platforms that allows you to place advertising on the search result page for specific keywords. On the upside, PPC services like AdWords are a great way to attract instant traffic to a website. AdWords can quickly and easily get a brand noticed with prominent positioning on the page, sending potential customers to your website. This is the goal of online marketing and what is necessary to gain customers.

Yet there are a number of drawbacks to relying on AdWords. Since you are bidding on search keywords to gain position for your ads, you won't know up front if you are targeting the right audiences. Research is critical or you could end up paying for ads that bring in views or clicks from uninterested users.

The more popular the keyword, the higher the bidding. In this sense, some keywords may only be available to bidders with larger advertising budgets.

How Organic SEO Works

Organic SEO creates traffic and customers more slowly than paid advertising. It involves careful research of audiences and keywords as well as the equally careful creation of content and marketing pages that will drive traffic to your website.

When properly executed, you can expect to gain similar results with SEO for organic search; however, it takes longer.Yet there is a definite benefit to SEO marketing to obtain organic traffic over the funneled traffic generated by PPC services.

Unlike AdWords, organic search generated from good SEO can produce a higher percentage of valid and interested leads than AdWords might. As a result, your ROI might be better with fewer, more interested leads. Marketing for organic search produces more long-lasting results, while those gained through AdWords end as soon as the advertising stops. 

Which Is Better - AdWords or Organic Search?

While organic SEO tends to produce the most conversions, both methods have their place in SEO marketing. When properly researched and optimized, AdWords can give your website an important head start to bringing in traffic. This alone can add to a website’s importance and overall SEO. Yet it is important to not rely on PPC services alone.

Combining paid advertising with good SEO marketing helps ensure your website is well optimized so your target audience finds your websitge valuable. Build a high-quality website that generates its own SEO and boost it with AdWords to increase awareness. By using the two methods together, you will obtain the best results while spending your advertising budget on ads that are more likely to work for you.

AdWords and other PPC services can be a useful tool to help gain exposure for your website or product. Still, this type of paid advertising does not replace SEO marketing for organic search. The best option is to learn how to effectively use them together to establish page rank, then hold onto it. Good ROI and higher conversion rates always come from understanding the importance of success with organic search!

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