SEO Problems – When Client Issues Destroy SEO Best Results!

SEO Problems – When Client Issues Destroy SEO Best Results!

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One common issue many SEO companies deal with when developing effective SEO marketing campaigns for their clients is client interference. Even the best SEO strategies won't work if the client is not completely on board with the work being done and the changes that must be implemented regularly to generate the best marketing results. Following are solutions to three of the most frustrating SEO-destroying issues that marketers must face and handle.

1. Keep Up With Communication

Communication is a critical resource in SEO marketing since it is impossible to get anything done without it. Online marketing involves constant change, so getting fast answers, opinions, and approvals is critical. Unfortunately, these answers may not seem like a priority to clients who are busy with their own work.

When emails go unanswered, SEO companies must be proactive in getting responses: 

  • Use an Email Tracker - Are the emails even being opened? If not, confirm that the email address is correct.
  • Make Phone Calls - If email is not working, get on the phone and try to speak to the decision maker in this manner.
  • Find A New Contact - When work on SEO campaigns stops because the current contact is not responding and phone calls are not working, it is time to look for a new contact person to get necessary answers.

2. Staying On Schedule

Time is a critical resource and a vital factor in the field of SEO marketing. Good communication is a key factor that keeps marketing projects on track. Clients who keep up with change recommendations as well as keep strategy building and testing moving forward is another one.

When clients get behind on implementing recommendations from their SEO companies, things that need to be done start to pile up, slowing progress. The best way to remedy this is for a marketing agency to implement changes as they need to be made; however, this means a company must have the client’s complete trust.

Aside from marketers implementing the changes themselves, they must help clients prioritize what needs to be done in order to get the ball rolling again. If necessary, use the analytics reports to support the fact that changes need to be implemented.

3. Getting Everyone On Board

The last issue that SEO agencies deal with is clients who disagree with the direction of a project. Whether it is an executive or the marketing team in disagreement, this can put the brakes on any progress. Many times clients don't agree with changes is because they have never used these new strategies before and don't understand them.

It is essential to get key players on board with a strategy that will obtain desired results for the client. When faced with client disagreement, the best thing marketers can do is present the entire strategy to the decision makers and fully explain it. Try to clear up any lack of understanding. The other option is to do some A/B testing that generates results to convince the client that the strategy could work for them.

Clients are the driving force behind every SEO company. Without them, SEO firms would not be in business. Clients can also be frustrating to work with. Fortunately, by using the right approach, SEO marketing agencies can smooth over some of the common client problems and get projects back on track!

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