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2017 is quickly coming to an end and it has been an interesting year in terms of SEO. Content marketing has taken the lead as the strategy most used by SEO specialists today.

Before you set your sights on another new year as an SEO company marketing expert, ensure that you and your employees are well-versed in the ways in which content marketing has changed this past year and how text must be adapted so it is more marketable.

Content Quality More Critical and Labor-Intensive

Since content marketing has become such an essential part of SEO, providing great substance that pleases both the user and Google is critical. Content that is unique, correct, and valuable is what drives up both traffic and followers. Continually providing the highest quality text requires greater effort, more time, and more research into the type of content audiences want.

To be successful in the use of content as a marketing tool, an SEO company must work towards producing high quality and interesting topics as anything less will not work at improving optimization or marketing results.   

End User Focus More Important

Focus on the end user has become another major factor in providing the type of content audiences want and need. Text used for SEM purposes must provide answers to user questions and problems. Company-focused information and broader, less-specific content must take a backseat to more empathic topics that speak directly to the user or customer.

SEO specialists must identify the type of content followers want and what topics will hold user attention to achieve the best results with their marketing efforts.

Influencer Marketing A Rising Element

Influencer marketing has become increasingly popular over the last three years as it continues to generate more response from targeted audiences. Familiar and trusted celebrities, important industry people, and other notable individuals help drive audience traffic to business blogs and websites.

The most effective use of influencer marketing by an SEO company is through the use of social media. As a result, successful content marketing campaigns must now include topics that can be used for networking to improve personal branding through influencer marketing.

Voice Search and AI Influence Content Production

Content must be optimized to account for the rising use of voice search and the progression of artificial intelligence within search engines. Google’s RankBrain has made predictive search an important concept for SEO specialists to recognize when optimizing content.

Voice search stresses the need to optimize for natural language queries. Topics should use shorter, complete thoughts in full sentences. SEO marketing must center on increasing successful searches by attracting interested users through the use of valuable text. In both situations, you can achieve success by carefully researching audiences and providing them with high quality and interesting topics to draw users in and hold their attention.

Google's Emphasis on User Value

One SEO concept that has never changed over the years of search engine development and has only become more important is Google’s emphasis on user value. The text an SEO company produces is what provides this value.

Successful content marketing both today and into the new year depends increasingly on finding ways to attract and keep followers according to their changing Internet habits. SEO experts who can continue to reach the right audiences with desirable and searchable text as search engine technology continues to change can expect to see great results!

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