SEO And Site Speed – It Only Matters If Your Page Is Useful!

SEO And Site Speed – It Only Matters If Your Page Is Useful!

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One thing all SEO specialists understand is that a fast-loading website is a critical factor in obtaining great page rank. When a site does not load fast enough, SEO marketing services see reduced traffic and increased bounce backs, which essentially act as a demoting factor for that page.

Yet it is important for an SEO company to think one step beyond quickly getting the user to the site: once they arrive, will they like what they see? This second and main reason for bounce backs needs to be a part of SEO right along with fast load times.

Site Speed Critical To Attract Users

The last thing that anyone searching the web wants is to wait for a website to load. The golden rule of website speed suggests that for every second beyond the ideal 5 to 7 seconds a page takes to load, more users are clicking off and searching elsewhere.

Google gauges the ability to use a site and its importance partially by its speed, as well as how many users turn away before they even get there. What about those who wait, reach the site, and then immediately turn back? Obviously, even a fast load speed is not helpful in these cases.

Understanding the Target User

The other side of quickly getting users to any website is being able to present the right information to users in the right ways. Fast loading speeds are great; however, once the user gets there, they need to be able to find what they came looking for.  To do so, SEO specialists must carefully study the target audience to determine what information needs to be presented to them and how they will be most receptive to receive it.

Demographics such as age, location, past browsing and purchases, and many other details all provide important information that should be used to decide the best way to present relevant information to that user.

Speed and Presentation Work Hand In Hand

Like many other elements in website design and SEO marketing services, site speed and presentation of page content must work together. Although both elements alone are important for attracting users and keeping them around, one cannot work without the other. On the other hand, a fast loading website that is properly laid out to present information relevant to the target user becomes catalytic in many ways. The user is able to access the page quickly and also finds the desired information.

With the right directives and calls to action, users will hopefully continue deeper into the website. When Google interprets that users reach a site and remain on it, an SEO company will see greater results for their marketing efforts.

The important lesson for SEO marketing services who deal with page load issues is that speed alone may not be responsible for bounce backs and lack of traffic. While it can be a first cause for these concerns, SEO specialists need to look beyond page speed to make sure the page itself is useful and provides what users need.

Techniques to improve load time should be implemented with a careful analysis of page function, content presentation, and a determination if the page actually serves the target user. With all elements tuned for the greatest collective effectiveness, an SEO company will see increased traffic, reduced bounce backs, and improved page rank!

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