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One of the biggest red flags to any internet marketing agency that a problem exists on a webpage is a high bounce rate. Every page might experience a few bounces here and there; however, a higher bounce rate increases the need to find the cause. The problem is that many different things can cause this problem. To remedy the issue, internet marketing services need to consider common reasons why a page might have a high bounce rate.

  • Slow Page Loading - A slow loading website is one cause of a high bounce rate. Most users will only wait 4 to 5 seconds for a site to load before clicking off and trying elsewhere. Luckily, there are a number of ways an internet marketing agency can improve slow loading pages to reduce this effect.
  • Poor Optimization  - Whether due to a poorly written page title and meta description, poor keyword research, or failure to use suitable optimization techniques, poor optimization is another reason for a high bounce rate. All of these causes will attract the wrong users to a page, increasing the chance that they will click off after not finding what they were expecting at the link.
  • Advertisements and Distractions - Pop-up, slide-in, and other advertising as well as images and other distractions that detract from the main content are another reason why users immediately cliff off. Internet marketing services must present content without annoying distractions and use advertising skillfully and sparingly to avoid pushing users away.
  • Low-Quality or Poorly Presented Content - Poorly designed web pages, bad color and font choices, poor grammar, pages that are hard to read, and obvious poor quality content all increase the likelihood that a user will take one look and head back the way they came. Low quality, unattractive content can also quickly affect page rank as those pages are determined to be of low value based on user reactions.
  • Lack of Credibility - Overly promotional pages or those that are too sales-pushy can seriously affect a user’s first impression of a brand. When pages lack authenticity or credibility, users are more likely to bounce off and look elsewhere. This is important for any internet marketing agency using landing pages that must be somewhat promotional without seeming spammy.
  • No Clear Next Step - Some bounces may happen when a page lacks any clear directive for the user, whether that directive is a Call to Action, an easy-to-use navigation system, or links to progress the user through the site. Users that become lost on a page and cannot determine where to go next to find the information they need will lose interest and go to another website.
  • Not Mobile-Friendly - Over 50% of all online searches performed today are done from a mobile device. Users that arrive at a website that is not mobile-friendly and best optimized for mobile use will frequently bounce back due to lack of easy mobile functionality. Internet marketing services can easily remedy this by ensuring all websites are mobile-ready.
  • Technical or Link Errors - Another simple, easily remedied cause of a high bounce rate is page errors, broken links, or bad backlinks. While the first two can be quickly and easily detected, bad backlinks may happen when inbound links connect to the wrong anchor text or page as well as when other sites attempt to use blackhat SEO techniques to gain traffic from other, higher quality websites.
  • Poor Analytics - Another simple reason for high bounce rates could be that analytics applications are not properly set up causing poor page monitoring.

There are a number of reasons why an internet marketing agency might experience a high bounce rate. Detecting and resolving these issues requires a systematic approach to diagnosing affected pages beginning with the simplest ideas, then progressing to the more complex ones. Whenever faced with a high bounce rate, internet marketing services should stop everything and resolve the problem in order to have the best results from their overall marketing efforts!

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