Learn About The Top Trends in Paid Search Marketing!

Learn About The Top Trends in Paid Search Marketing!

PPC Services in College Station Texas

Pay per click advertising is a cost-effective way for a company to promote themselves and their products. As the use of mobile devices increases and more people use mobile devices to make purchases, PPC ads are becoming even more essential. With the year coming to a close and marketers already looking ahead as they plan next year’s online promotional strategies and budgets, now is the time to consider how to improve this year’s pay per click campaigns. Below are some emerging trends in PPC services that internet marketers should consider to improve their results in 2017.

PPC for Mobile

The use of mobile devices for shopping is greatly increasing, with nearly 50 percent of all users having made a purchase using their phone. This rate is expected to increase as it becomes easier and more convenient to shop using these tools. So it is no longer enough to concentrate PPC ads for desktop use only. Those using PPC services must tailor their campaigns for use with mobile instruments in order to keep their products noticeable and to get the best ROI from their promotional dollars.

Interactive and Video Promotions

Considering the importance of PPC ads for mobile users, marketers need to create ads users will notice, which research shows to be video and more interactive types of promotions. With certain demographic audiences viewing nearly all videos on their mobile devices and interactive advertising climbing in effectiveness, the standard static ad page is no longer enough. Video ad campaigns are taking over and users want more interactive features so they can almost try products out before they buy them.

New and Improved Capabilities

Google is acknowledging the importance of pay per click advertising on both desktop and mobile by increasing and improving functions and capabilities. This year, Google made a number of positive additions to their pay per click offerings including expanded text and responsive ads. Expanded text offers the benefit of more space for copy in PPC ads, while responsive promotions provide marketers with the ability to generate promotional spots that will resize based on the device.

Google has also stated that the shopping feed is improving to include larger and higher quality images. All of these new options give those using PPC services a greater ability to create the best ads to reach their audiences on any device.  

More Emphasis on Remarketing List for Search Ads

Remarketing List for Search Ads, or RLSA, is another important Google tool for effective pay per click promotions. RLSA is just beginning to shine as a way for merchants to compare their PPC ads with other similar and successful promotions. This tool provides an extensive list of advertisements to search to get information about marketing results, which can be used to improve existing merchandising and as modifiable templates.

Based on these ideas, internet marketers using pay per click promotions should have a lot to think about in terms of improving their PPC ads and getting them before the right users. With the need for effective PPC services rising every day, marketers should see improved results from their pay per click campaigns by adding more video and interaction as well as by utilizing the many improvements and new ideas that Google’s advertising platform now offers!

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