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Internet Marketing – Taking A Look At Landing Page Images!

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As internet marketing becomes more challenging every day, the importance of a landing page with the right image has never been so great. The photo or graphic on a landing page is just as important as the information it provides - which means not just any picture will do. Using the following tips, internet marketing companies can make sure they always choose a landing page image that will generate the most traffic and conversions.

And The Best Picks for Landing Page Images Are -

Considering the importance that the right picture can make on landing page performance, marketing companies should choose their images based on having the best user response:

  • Real People - People like to see people and are more likely to react to a landing page when the image is of a person. It is important to note that the person in the photo should be relevant to the website and the product being offered. Users prefer web pages with pictures either of the people associated with the product or individuals using the product, not random stock photos. In addition, pictures of real people combined with testimonials can increase performance even more.
  • Direction A Person Is Looking - Interestingly enough, it has also been determined that the direction in which a person is looking can affect website performance. When people in photos look away from the CTA, performance crashes.  Whatever the visual cue is, the people in the included picture should be looking toward it for the most effective internet marketing campaigns.
  • Detailed Product Photos - Second to pictures of real people or someone using the product, images of the product are effective. Plain product photos on white backgrounds perform fairly well according to a number of user studies. Images showing the product being used in a more detailed photo such as using the product in a home got much better results.
  • Interactive Product Photos - In addition to photos of people and the product in use, additional pictures of the product from different angles or that allow an interactive view of the product such as zooming or rotating are also highly effective.

Although landing pages will all work differently depending on the company, the product, and other marketing elements, it is safe to say that the best images to use are personal ones and those that do not look so random. Users respond better to more natural-looking, believable images first, then product details.

And The Worst Picks for Landing Page Images Are -

To choose the best landing page images, it’s also a good idea for internet marketing companies to understand what images should be avoided. As mentioned above, random people or stock images tend to reduce effectiveness because they are impersonal, leaving an impression of being spam advertising more than quality websites. The biggest mistake when designing websites with images is making them look like advertisements as opposed to informational sites. Users tune out to most advertising today; as a result, click through rates on landing pages that look like ads are very low. Even if the images are fitting, effectiveness decreases drastically.

So before spending too much time digging through volumes of stock photography looking for perfect landing page photos, marketing companies must understand that quality images of real people will get them the best results. Along with detailed product photos and images of the product in use, people react best to other people when it comes to landing pages for effective marketing results!

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