Engage And Convert Audiences With Facebook Live!

Engage And Convert Audiences With Facebook Live!

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Social media has become an essential part of online marketing and is much more than just a way to keep up with friends. The leader in all types of social media for business is Facebook. They provide the widest audience and most useful marketing tools for businesses. Facebook Live has recently been introduced and is yet another one of those tools that a company can use in their public network campaign. By using this new tool, businesses can reach their followers in real time, creating unique content that followers seem to be really liking.

What Is Facebook Live?

Facebook Live is a video streaming function offered now by Facebook. The service works by embedding into a user's feed a live video feed that is immediately viewable by followers. They can comment and ‘like’ the feed post while events are happening and engage with each other as well as the user. Video streams are also viewable afterwards as replays, even with the comment stream. In this sense, Facebook Live offers important opportunities for companies looking to expand their social media campaign in a creative way. Businesses, individuals, celebrities, famous athletes, and many more have already used the service. With the right content, this new tool can also be effective public communication for business.

Response to Facebook

So far, the response to Facebook Live has been tremendous. Followers have flocked to watch live feeds and levels of engagement have been high. It is reported that people are spending three times longer watching this type of streaming video than watching pre-recorded video, one of the main reasons why this new tool has already had so much success.

Tips for Creating Content for Businesses

Facebook Live is an exciting social media application that smart businesses can easily incorporate into their public networking campaign. Before grabbing a phone and putting up a stream, consider the fact that much of the current streaming today is very unplanned and unprofessional. A company that plans ahead to get the most from this type of streaming has a great opportunity to positively engage their followers and increase numbers while creating more professional and interesting content.

Start out by deciding what type of content would be best streamed live for followers, whether this is a behind-the-scene look at something the company does, a Q&A, a how-to video, or something else that is relevant. Next, consider the location and prepare for streaming so the video looks as presentable as possible. Create a good narrative that lasts throughout the entire segment, since viewers will be tuning in to watch at different times. Keep things interesting throughout the video. It is also a good idea to have someone engaging with viewers who will be commenting.

Although Facebook Live is a fairly new social media service, those who are currently using it are finding it to be a very positive addition to their public networking campaign. It has greatly increased engagement for users. This increased engagement is one of the best ways that social media for business can help increase conversions. Best of all, using this type of feed is even easier than creating YouTube videos, so any company can start using this new function for their campaigns almost immediately. This new advertising tool could definitely be the next best thing in public communication for business today!

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