Do You Understand What Makes Online Content Go Viral?

Do You Understand What Makes Online Content Go Viral?

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Is your web content viral? No, this does not mean it has some kind of disease. In web marketing terms, going viral is one of the best things that can happen to online content. The goal of Internet marketing for a brand is to get as much exposure as possible for content through sharing.

When content begins to spread quickly through various social media marketing channels and greatly increases the number of people who see it, that content is said to have "gone viral." Of course, not all content will spread like wildfire. To produce content that is more likely to go viral, you must ensure your content has a number of important qualities.


The first quality content created for Internet marketing must possess is readability. Not only must it be phrased in language that speaks to your target audience, it must be formatted for easy reading and understanding. Titles and headers should include hooks that grab a reader’s attention.

Content should consist of small, concise bits of information that is broken up by sub headers. Lists and bullet points should also be used. This lets readers quickly  scan content yet gain an understanding of what you are trying to tell them.


Besides being easy to digest, content created for social media marketing campaigns should evoke some kind of emotion. Present your information in ways that target your audience's emotions, creating feelings of amusement, excitement, inspiration, etc. This makes it more memorable and increases the chance that your audience will want to share it with others.


Along with the ability to read it, web marketing content should also be visual and include images to help illustrate the point being presented. High quality, relevant, and optimized images also help break up blocks of text, making copy more readable. Images can also help create the mood and emotion mentioned above to further Internet marketing efforts.

Valuable and Credible

Provide accurate and useful information that gives readers some value for the time they spend reading it. Social media marketing depends on sharing. Users want to share credible information that is interesting and correct or helps others in some way. Credibility also goes a long way in developing your brand’s authority and reputation, which helps make your content more likely to be shared.

Ability to Share

If you want your web marketing content to go viral, it must easy to share in various ways. Post your content to a variety of social media platforms to get the widest audience. Always include share buttons on your web pages to make sharing to social media or via email quick and easy. Give your audience an easy way to share your articles as soon as they find it share-worthy - then watch it spread.

To help ensure that your message gets out and goes viral, be sure that your Internet marketing content has the important qualities discussed above. Web marketing content that is easy to read, helps create emotions, and provides value will spread more quickly than content that does not serve an audience’s needs.

You can expect to get the most from your social media marketing campaigns by creating content that readers love and want to share with everyone they know!

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