Direct Your Mobile Ad CTAs To A Phone Not A Landing Page!

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Direct Your Mobile Ad CTAs To A Phone Not A Landing Page!

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Mobile internet marketing is challenging. There are many ways that sales leads get lost in the shuffle, reducing ROI, even while the Click Through Rate or CTR appears to be working. Some marketers are seeing success from sending leads directly to a phone number rather than to a landing page. Although there will always be a need for these pages in internet marketing, when it comes to mobile ads, linking a Call to Action to an active phone number is proving to be a more lucrative option.

The Problem with Mobile Ads and Landing Pages

Landing pages are great resources, an essential part of internet marketing. In order for landing pages to work as the marketing tools that they are, they need to display the right information and convey the right message. Most landing pages are designed for desktop access. Directing a mobile ad to a desktop web page loses much in translation. One answer could be to generate specific mobile-friendly landing pages; however, that by itself may diminish the important need to get a smartphone user straight to the product. Another solution that an internet marketing business can try is bypassing the landing page altogether, directing mobile CTAs to a Call Now phone number instead.

Why Call Now CTAs Work

Mobile call now CTAs are showing great promise in place of using the traditional landing page link. This is because click through ads are producing fewer results on phones and tablets these days. More users are clicking ads and landing on those pages, yet not actually converting, which only increases ad spending for a decreasing conversion rates.

In comparison, when mobile ads contain a “call now” link, although calls may be fewer than click-throughs, the conversion rate is significantly higher. Essentially, when the CTA is a phone now button, the calls that do come in are actually interested leads ready to make a purchase or request more information. Research shows that as many as 70% of users will phone a company directly when accessing information with their phones and call now CTAs can take advantage of this idea.

Implementing A Mobile Call Marketing Campaign

Getting the most from internet marketing mobile ad campaigns with call now CTAs involves making only a few changes to an existing campaign. Marketers must create appropriate mobile ads that include either a “call now” button or a click to call phone number in the ad, making phoning in easy for the user.

Ads can direct to both a standard landing page with a more generic CTA to find out more or completely omit the landing page altogether. When giving users the choice of where they end up, be sure to track both calls and page click-throughs to get an idea of how many people are phoning directly and how many are opting to go to the landing page. It goes without saying that any landing pages should be designed and optimized for mobile to generate the best results.

Lastly, be sure to schedule call now mobile ads when there are people available to accept those incoming inquiries. Directing them to voicemail completely defeats the purpose of bringing in live calls.

By using phone in CTAs instead of landing pages, many companies are seeing increased conversions in their mobile ad campaigns and greater ROI. Although the plan is a newer one, an internet marketing business experiencing disappearing click through traffic in their mobile campaigns may find great success with this idea. Like all other web marketing, mobile marketing is continually evolving. Why not put those phones to use in more ways than just serving ads? Give users the ability to quickly and conveniently phone in with an effective call now CTA!

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