Best Practices When Using Long-Tail Keywords!

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Best Practices When Using Long-Tail Keywords!

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As one of the main elements used in search engine optimization, keywords are becoming to optimize as the online competition for viewer attention increases. Long-tail keywords offer an SEO company additional options for targeting audiences, many times in ways that have not been widely used by others. Typically containing three or more words, long tail terms and phrases are more specific than shorter, broader keywords and can be more effective when well targeted to the right audience.

Understand the Benefits of Targeting for Long-Tail Keywords

To gain the most benefit from targeting, an SEO company should understand the benefits of the use of long-tailed keywords. Since they are more detailed and conversational, a larger percentage of user searches include these terms and phrases. Long-tail searches make up as much as 70% of all search traffic. Considering this, they present a greater chance of conversion. In addition, they are much easier to rank for when properly chosen, since many marketers simply don’t know they should be considering long tail keywords in their search engine optimization efforts.

Target Ranking and New Long-Tail Keywords

Getting the most with long-tail keywords involves a certain amount of research, beginning with determining those already ranking for a website. An SEO company can start taking advantage of those terms right away by optimizing them and putting them to work, then continuing to explore and research for additional longer phrases to target to use as well, using any number of available keyword research tools.

Target Specific Niche Terms

Long-tail keywords may only attract a smaller percentage of search traffic;however, they are easier to rank and convert. Target them by using these terms as anchor text for internal links and marketing them for inbound links. As always, practice all other standard search engine optimization techniques and keep up the quality of website content. Then incorporate these more specific, niche terms that will attract the most interested users. This can also be done using niche targeted PPC advertising that can bring in more motivated audiences.

Target Broader Untargeted Terms

Although many sites can target more specific key phrases, others websites such as those that host a large volume of information like educational content and products may benefit from the exact opposite technique. In these instances, SEOs can target broader, less specific terms that are being ignored because they are so broad. This type of targeting does require a larger-scaled approach since it attempts to reach more lower-level, long-tail keywords at the same time. By going after many of those phrases that are assumed worthless and intentionally being skipped over, it is possible to collectively benefit the whole site.

There is actually a lot more to long-tail keywords and phrases than many may realize. Effectively targeted using a number of different techniques, these lesser understood keywords can give an SEO company the boost it needs to increase page rank and conversions in unexpected ways. Long-tail keywords are an important marketing element that can help increase the value of search engine optimization efforts!

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