Artificial Intelligence And The Future of Search Engines!

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Artificial Intelligence And The Future of Search Engines!

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Artificial intelligence is taking over the net. Google has already begun integrating its RankBrain technology into web algorithms to create one that thinks for itself. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing since the sole purpose is to better serve the pages users want to see; however, it is definitely something that SEO marketing experts need notice. As the use of artificial intelligence in browser functionality increases, SEO must be tailored to it. It all begins with a thorough understanding of what search engines actually do and how Artificial Intelligence or AI is being used.

How Do Search Engines Work?

Search engines filter content to serve relevant pages to users based on a query. Every SEO guru knows this. The bigger question today is how search engines do this, as the 'how' is changing every day. Search algorithms are programmed to interpret the information typed into them to find the most relevant results based on the information provided and also what is collected by indexers such as location, previous website visits, previous queries, and even some personal data. Gaining best SEO involves creating the right marketing campaigns that allow pages to be located based on knowing the key factors looked for by algorithms. Once again, all of that is changing as artificial intelligence makes its way into the web algorithms.

Search Engines and Artificial Intelligence

Today’s browsers are becoming more sophisticated and actually smarter. They can remember previous user behavior, then use that information to create more personal query results tailored to each user’s perceived needs. This learning behavior is basically the idea behind Google’s RankBrain, although RankBrain is just one aspect of AI being introduced into web search.

Artificial intelligence is also becoming more prevalent in voice questions, which are estimated to make up at least half of all queries within the next few years. Additionally, as voice search and AI in general become “smarter,” algorithms are beginning to distinguish between different voice tones and other influencers, adding to the recipe in filtering for appropriate content.

Artificial Intelligence and SEO Marketing

As web algorithms gain the ability to learn from users to serve the most relevant content, the importance is how it affects SEO. The days of keywords ruling optimization are gone; keywords still matter, but in a much different way at this point. Optimization is now gained by offering the user specific looked-for information and what intelligent algorithms determine will fill those needs. Queries have become more detailed and personal than ever. More than anything else, what this means is that SEO marketing must think like the user so indexers can find content worth serving.

So what does all of this mean for the future of SEO according to marketing experts? It most definitely suggests that SEO marketing is going to continue to evolve as we learn about artificial intelligence and its use by search engine algorithms. Content quality, keyword relevancy, and other important SEO essentials will always help create website value; however, getting pages noticed is going to revolve even more on users and how to best answer their questions.

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