Are You Properly Measuring Your SEO Campaign Results?

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Are You Properly Measuring Your SEO Campaign Results?

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Online marketing is a fluid process, constantly changing as search engine algorithms, user behavior, and other factors change. So how are SEO services to know what kind of results their current campaigns are actually getting? SEO companies need to carefully monitor and measure their marketing results to determine effectiveness and adjust their campaigns to improve marketing results. To accomplish this, SEO marketers should monitor the following details in their marketing campaigns.

Monitor Website Usability and Performance

For any website to perform well, its pages must be functional and usable. Getting users to the site is half the battle for today’s SEO services. Getting users to stay on the site and complete a conversion is the other half. By carefully monitoring the performance of different web pages, it is possible for SEO companies to find problems on the site that could be negatively affecting conversions.

Appropriate Calls to Action or CTAs and other essential guidance that leads the user toward the conversion page are essential and should be monitored as well. By monitoring page views and session length with Google Analytics, marketers can get an idea of which pages need help to improve performance. Additionally, website crawl data must be monitored to detect other issues that are preventing pages from being crawled efficiently.

Track Website Traffic and Conversions

To get an accurate look at SEO campaign results, it is essential to track website traffic on all devices. It must be understood where users are coming from to effectively plan a different campaign. Google Analytics provides ways for SEO services to compare mobile and desktop traffic and engagement for this very reason. Additionally, by setting completion goals and monitoring them for both mobile and desktop, a company can more accurately track actual conversions as well as all other set goals that users are completing.

Track Website VQVC

Volume, quality, value and cost or VQVC are essential metrics to monitor when measuring marketing results: 

  • Volume - Traffic, unique visitors, page views, etc.
  • Quality - Time on page, bouncebacks, number of pages visited, etc
  • Value of Traffic - Financial value of leads or conversions.
  • Cost - How much it costs to generate an active lead.. 

This must be done in order to obtain essential insight into website and user behavior as well as how it translates into leads and conversions and at what cost.

Measure Audiences and Return Visitors

Besides tracking new users, page views, and length of time on the page, SEO companies should also track individual audiences to observe behavior and more importantly, return visitors. Return visitors are valuable to any website since it indicates there is information on the site worth revisiting. This information in addition to the overall behavior of a variety of audiences offers a good way to measure individual web page success and improvement-  or to outline necessary adjustments to the marketing plan.

There are countless ways that SEO services can monitor marketing campaigns to track effectiveness and determine necessary edits to current marketing plans. Of all of these, SEO companies should add the above metrics to their monitoring to get an accurate look at how their campaigns are performing and where improvements can be made!

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