3 Simple Tips To Drive Your Local SEO Effort!

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3 Simple Tips To Drive Your Local SEO Effort!

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Some businesses need great local marketing more than any other type so they can bring customers into their brick and mortar locations. Achieving great overall SEO may not be as important for these businesses; however, local optimization is the key. Thankfully, it is easy for SEO services to get great results for their local clients. By using the three tips referenced below, any marketing firm can drive local traffic to website so their clients can reap the rewards.

1. Business Directories and Maps

To improve local SEO efforts, every website should be listed on Google Maps and claim their spot on all recognized business directories. Listings on Google’s My Business, Yelp, Bing, Yahoo Business, Mapquest, and many others are free to claim and provide important local exposure no matter what browser or sites local users like to visit. Map listings become especially useful as they allow searchers to find the businesses they need in closes proximity to their location. Map and business directory listings are essential tools that, when filled out fully and uniformly, give SEO services an easy means for improving a company’s local optimization and help them obtain more customers.

2. Locally Relevant Content

Another great SEO technique that allows local businesses to be noticed is posting content that is important to customers within the community. By focusing on locally relevant content, it is much more likely to draw the attention of customers who are performing searches locally. Create content that addresses topics that are important to target audiences, whether it deals with things going on in the community or simply includes location-based keyword and content modifiers.

Mention names, places, and other local businesses to build even more relevance and increase the ability to be searched. Create and post about personal connections within the community and link with other nearby companies to give searchers a reason to visit the website and learn more about the business in general.

3. Local Backlinking

Last of all, SEO services want to improve their local marketing efforts by building backlinks to and from other reputable community businesses and even city services. In these cases, organically generated backlinks are worth the most but require a bit of extra effort to obtain. Link exchanges between local businesses can be a great source of these valuable backlinks, along with links to different city service directories; however, this may involve sending an email or two to initiate an exchange. When used within content, these links give users even more ways to locate and find relevance with a local business. SEO marketers should strive to take advantage of any community connections their clients have to boost marketing efforts.

The important thing to remember is that great local SEO means using both the standard techniques that generate optimization as well as more locally focused ones that increase business exposure to the right people. Three of the easiest ways SEO services can accomplish this is by taking advantage of business and map listings, generating good community backlinks, and offering community-focused content. These methods provide an increase in business exposure while also allowing searchers to more easily find the business locally!

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